9 Practical Tips Before Yoga Classes | Yoga Teacher Training in India

Regardless of whether you are going to our yoga workshop with Basia Lipska or are you going to take part in yoga classes in a yoga studio in your area - here are some practical tips that you may find useful.

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Yoga classes tips | Yoga in Rishikesh

1. Be on site at least 15 minutes before class

You need time not only to change. It is important that you choose a comfortable place in the room. Before class, you should also take a place on the mat and take a few deep breaths to get used to the new space .

2. Listen to YOUR body

During classes, do not look sideways, do not watch other people and compare yourself to them. Each body has its own history and so does yours. Turn your attention inward and observe yourself and your body.

3. Remember that each class is different and you are different every day

There are days when some items may be a stone for you, while on others you cannot do them. It's normal. Observe yourself and accept that life is a constant variable and you change every day. Use it to better understand your needs here and now.

4. Be present

Turn off the phone, do not look outside the window, do not think about blue almonds or what you want to eat for dinner today. Focus on practice and what is happening to you here and now .

5. Enjoy this moment

This is a moment for you and it should be above all joyful and pleasant. Do not force yourself to positions that cause you pain or discomfort. You can always move to the position of a child when you feel that you are already giving advice. This is not a school - no one will judge you for it.

6. Breathe consciously

Focus on the breath, try to keep your breath even during the whole class . When you get short of breath, it is a sign that your body needs a moment of rest - stop and move to the Child's Position until your breathing calms down.

7. Notify the instructor about injuries and ailments

This is very important, thanks to which the teacher will be able to recommend alternative versions of some items to you and will ensure that you do not hurt yourself.

8. If the form of class or teacher you do not like, choose other classes

If you are looking for a yoga studio that you want to attend regularly, it is worth visiting several places and trying out classes with several different teachers. Trust your intuition , if any classes or teacher do not meet your expectations, keep looking.

9. Smile

A smile will help you get even more joy and positive energy from classes so don't spare it.


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Get in Touch: YTTI, Tapovan Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, 249201, India +91-9319065118

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