Walking by YTTI Rishikesh: a way to stay fit after a period of isolation. What does it consist of?

Walking is a hit of the coming weeks - it is not burdensome, it can be grown anywhere, in addition without any financial outlays. And it is worth it, because it will effectively help you get back in shape after a period of isolation as per YTTI Rishikesh, keep fit and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Robert Korzeniowski, a four-time Olympic champion in sports gait and an active lifestyle propagator, encourages this activity.

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Table of Contents

  • What is walking?
  • Walking: how to start?
  • Walking: the right technique is important

Summer days encourage you to go out at home and finally "do something with yourself". But what if the period of restrictions associated with social quarantine meant that hardly anyone of us is in the form he was - or would like to be? If you have gained kilos, you want to keep fit, and at the same time gym or regular running are definitely not for you, try walking.

What is walking by YTTI Rishikesh?

It is physical activity, consisting of a quick walk, the technique of which refers to an ergonomic sport gait, engages the whole body and affects the heart rate. In the US, there are already 120 million people regularly involved in sports, walking in Poland is just gaining supporters.

It is safe - it does not cause injuries excluding from other activities - it also allows you to comprehensively take care of your figure. For people who already have their favorite sports, it can be their complement. For walking comfortable YTTI Rishikesh says comfortable sports shoes, a plan for a pleasant route and of course the desire to get tired healthy and efficiently.

- Walking is an ideal way to strengthen the body and improve fitness, especially for people who want to play the supplementary sport of a "cardio" character or are looking for healthy activities for life. - explains Robert Korzeniowski, four-time Olympic champion in sports gait, propagator of an active lifestyle.

- Currently, in Poland it is still very fashionable to run or fitness in the gym, but these are still not universal activities that can be started almost immediately, immediately after getting up from the couch. A walking yes! And that's probably why YTTI Rishikesh see a growing interest in walking for health and beauty. YTTI Rishikesh go every day, so why not take advantage of it and make this activity shape our figure and improve fitness also as part of exercises? - he adds.

- Of course, for me, gait - racewalking - is a sport through the capital "S" and certainly many people will be interested in this discipline from a purely sporting point of view. However, like any competitive discipline, it is based on strict technical regulations and is subject to high-intensity training. However, to practice amateur walking, which we are talking about, you do not need to be an athlete. I also do walking, and I march primarily with my wife Justyna.

She did not win Olympic medals, and despite this she practices really well. Most importantly - my other half feels better, more healthy, attractive, and walking perfectly fills our need for daily physical activity and ensures mental relaxation. Most often, we choose our favorite Warsaw park routes, creating our own stroller around the capital, but in this way we also get to know all of Poland and the world, wherever we go. - sums up Robert Korzeniowski.

Walking: how to start walking by YTTI Rishikesh?

For walking - like any other workout - it is worth preparing yourself properly. What is the most important?

Appropriate outfit. It should be adapted to the weather and the distance we plan to go. Don't dress too warm. For starters, sports shoes are enough, even those for running, although it is best that they do not have too high soles. For this sweatpants or so-called leggings or ordinary sports shorts and a comfortable shirt (not cotton, but synthetic and technical).

Drinking water supply. Take at least her half-liter bottle with you to replenish liquids on your route.
Training plan. Plan the route. Start with a short distance plan, e.g. 2-3 km. This distance can be increased with subsequent training sessions at YTTI Rishikesh. It is important that the area is pleasant for you - ensuring comfort and a pleasant experience during training is equally important!

A short warm-up. Once you leave the house, try to stop after 5 minutes of walking, do some gymnastics and only then move on to the planned route, maintaining an even rhythm.

Heart rate measurement. Certainly, for example, a watch heart rate monitor will show you, which will show you the intensity of your training. If you don't have such equipment, it's okay - you can also measure your heart rate by counting your heartbeats by 10 seconds and multiplying the result by 6 - this way you can determine your minute heart rate. It is best to train in the 120-150 HR range. If we do not have cardiological problems, we can temporarily reach values ​​close to 170 HR. In the event that we have no way or do not want to measure your heart rate, it is worth dosing the effort so that it is so intense that any conversation will be somewhat difficult.

Walking: the right technique is important: YTTI Rishikesh

How to walk The technique of walking understood as physical activity or sport is slightly different than the usual movements performed during calm, everyday walking. Walking gait requires ergonomic movement of the limbs and joint involvement.

You should also pay attention to placing your feet linearly, starting from the heel. Sport walking, however, is relatively easy and natural, and gaining smooth movements will take us no more than 4-6 weeks. Where to get knowledge? Of course, we can use professional instructional in the sports club or use professional instructional videos - you can find them, among others on Robert and Justyna Korzeniowski's channel on social media.


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